shadowThere is nothing like a good old fashioned puppet show to jazz up the kids – or the adults – in your neighborhood. I particularly like shadow puppets, which is why I simply adore the Shadow Puppet Theater I found from the fine folks at Imagine Childhood.

About the Shadow Puppet Theater from Imagine Childhood: “Direct your own shadow puppet show with this charming Shadow Puppet Theater! Crafted from lovely cotton the theater is perfect for rainy afternoons or any time you’re feeling a flair for the dramatic. Use with included paper puppet/scenes, pick up a few additional characters in the auxiliary set, or make up your own. Let your imagination go wild! Includes Cotton Shadow Puppet Theater and a sampling of Shadow Puppets.”

If you are more traditional, you may like the Children’s Puppet Theater the fine folks at Imagine Childhood offer: “Perfect for a day inside or a sunny afternoon in the backyard. This puppet theater lets your child create wonderful dramatic works of their own, and is great for small spaces, even fits in a doorway! It is a single 23″ W x by 45″ H panel with two large support feet. Draw on the green chalkboard to make every puppet show unique!”

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