hatI have had many addictions over the years, but none were as cool as my love affair with hats. There was a time when I had dozens of hats and couldn’t stop buying more. There was a famous day trip I went on with a friend a few years back – where I had three hats with me and bought two more on the trip. On the way home from the trip, my friend uttered the famous line while pointing to my head: “of all the hats you brought today, that’s my favorite.”

Well, I am in the market to find a few new favorite hats, and my first stop is going to be with the fine folks at MensHats.com – who live by the awesome slogan: “A hat for every head.”

About MensHats.com: “With hats and caps from top brands and in every style available, there’s no reason to shop for men’s hats anywhere else. Read what other customers have to say, and you’ll see that high quality hats at unbeatable prices are always on tap at MensHats, and that customer service reigns supreme.”

I’m already spying The Bailey Inman:

“Toyo lite-straw telescope crown pork pie from Bailey with 2 inch snap brim and comfort sweatband.”

…and The Carlos Gig:

“Perfect for your next gig, this Carlos wool felt fedora has two-tone stitched grosgrain trim with Carlos guitar pin, bound edge brim and grosgrain sweatband.”

Check out the great collection from MensHats.com here.