caulWhen the weather turns warm one tends to stray away from soups. However, I think soup is a fine meal for the summer. First, you can source fresh produce for a vegetable-based soup, and second, even a hot soup with a side salad can be a light meal perfect for the season. This recipe for Cauliflower Soup if found in House Beautiful magazine fits the bill perfectly.

About the recipe for Cauliflower Soup from House Beautiful: “It’s easy to feel a bit sorry for soup — rarely a main course, nearly always a humble palate cleanser. Lulu Power’s fix? ‘Decorate it! Make it into a piece of art.’ Her trick is to use colorful garnishes. Take this delicious cauliflower soup, which she adorned with roasted vegetables and bright chive and carrot oils, then topped with a grilled taleggio, mortadella, and fig sandwich.”

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