kite1One of my favorite pastimes this time of year is flying a kite. If I am lucky enough to be at the beach – you will most likely see me pull out a kite to take advantage of the onshore breeze. Now that I live in Kansas (just across the Missouri River from the great American city of Kansas City, MO) I just need to find an open field or park and there is a usually a nice wind. There are many kite options out there, but none offering such beauties as the Signature Kites I found from the fine folks at Haptic Lab.

About Signature Kites from Haptic Lab: “Our American-made kites harken back to the golden age of flying, when the Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell lofted beautiful wood-framed kites into an air of discovery and invention. Crafted to last much longer than an afternoon, these kites make memorable gifts for young and old alike.”

I like Haptic’s Diamond Procyon kite: “The sparkling Procyon is a sleek interpretation of the classic diamond kite. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the park, these kites fly high in a gentle breeze. Kite fabrics are screenprinted by hand in Brooklyn, then cut and assembled in Williamsport, PA. Each Procyon kite is subtly unique and also includes our signature 10 foot long patchwork kite tail, kite string and flying instructions.”

kite2In addition to the classic diamond shaped kites, Haptic Lab also has a collection of stunning Sailing Ship kites: “’Second star from the right and straight on till morning!’ Set sail and soar on the winds with a Sailing Ship Kite. Our unique collection is made in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for Haptic Lab, and each handcrafted kite really flies. The kites also make beautiful decorative objects displayed at home. No ocean required.”

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