v1The fine folks at Food52 specialize in bringing cooks and food lovers together to share recipes and ideas. They also have fine collection of products for the aspiring chef. However, it is Food52’s ever-changing collection of vintage items that keeps me coming back.

A visit to Food52’s vintage site is like taking a trip to a perfectly curated flea market featuring items like, these vintage seltzer bottles (above right): “Take a sojourn into the days before plastic. Manufacturers of soda water appeared in Argentina in the early 1900’s and chose engraved colored glass for their product. They picked up the bottles from homes and restaurants daily and refilled them, just like a milkman would. These bottles are originals from pre-1940’s Argentina; the dates (1914-1935) are stamped on the metal neck of each bottle. Display them as they are or remove the tops and add a spray of flowers to use them as a vase.”

v2…or this vintage French oyster basket (right): “We like to collect things for our home that have a story and a history. This vintage French oyster basket was used on the coast of France to grow oysters in the sea beds. They’re at least 40 years old — the merchant moved heaven and earth to salvage them from the French seaside town of Royen and clean them up. They’re retired from the oyster beds, and now perfect for storage of just about anything.”

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