padI love today’s find, the really fun Fictional Hotel Notepads I found from the fine folks at Herb Lester. Fictional hotels as in made up places from movies. Like who wouldn’t want to pretend they have stayed at the Royal Imperial Windsor Arms Hotel from National Lampoon’s European Vacation)?

About the Fictional Hotel Notepads from Herb Lester: “Eight notepads for fictional hotels. Just the sort of thing you find by the telephone in most lodgings, from the grandest establishment to a lowly fleapit. These hotels are out of reach to all, no matter their wealth. They exist only in the imaginations of their creators, and now in these paper pads. Warm your toes (whether you want to or not) at The Green Man Inn, catch up on work at The Overlook, or make friends at The Taft. Tend to a flesh wound at the Royal Imperial Windsor Arms, have sweet dreams at The Great Northern and enjoy the gentle art of murder at Bertram’s Hotel.”

Find the Fictional Hotel Notepads from Herb Lester here.

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