tileI love the vintage tile work that adorns the old subway stations of the world’s oldest transit systems, like London and Boston. I also love that much of the original tilework has been maintained or restored when many of these stations have been refurbished over the years. Of course the Paris Metro has some of the most elegant stations and their tiles are classic designs that can inspire anyone looking to bring more tile into their home. Which is why I am obsessed with the Hand-painted Paris Metro tiles I found from the fine folks at Tabarka Studios.

About the Hand-painted Paris Metro tiles from Tabarka Studios: “The metro stations of the Paris underground of the 1930’s are the inspiration behind this range of hand painted terracotta tiles. Charcoal and off white create an urban awareness in patterns richly rooted in classic design. Just like Paris, timeless elegance is the common denominator for these unique hand painted tiles.”

About Tabarka Studios: “Our studio in Scottsdale, Arizona was born from our love of beautiful timeless materials. We seek a luxury beyond trend, created with simple and unpretentious materials that evoke the past, find comfort in the present and remain relevant in the future. Along with our hand-painted terracotta tile, we offer and stock an unparalleled collection of unique materials; from antique mantels to ancient pavers; from stones from around the world to an exquisite collection of wood flooring and parquet.”

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