www.13.9I am enjoying my traditional late summer vacation to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. While I am away collecting great find to share with you, I am featuring a few of my past posts about this great spot. From my 2013 visit…


One of the many glories of vacationing in Wellfleet is the fact that this charming seaside hamlet is home to several wonderful art galleries.

As you know from many of my past posts here, I love art and discovering new artists. So every year I look forward to exploring the many galleries in Wellfleet to see what’s new and to make a purchase or two.

My two favorite galleries in Wellfleet are the Left Bank Gallery and the Blue Heron Gallery. In the past I discovered some great artists thanks to these galleries.

It was at the Blue Heron Gallery where I first saw the work of Greg Stones and fell in love with his whimsical take on zombies, sock monkeys and aliens – you just have to see it. I bought an original painting of Mr. Stones’ at the Blue Heron and have purchased a few more prints from him and followed his progress over the years.

Meanwhile, at the Left Bank Gallery, I first fell in love with artist Carol Aust and can’t wait to see her new works they are displaying this season.

I love this recent work of Ms. Aust titled “Running Past Shipwreck”:


Find a directory of Wellfleet Galleries on the website of the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce here.

Find a Wellfleet gallery map here.