capOK, well, I am going to finally admit it: I adore the Wish Capsules I found from the fine folks at Tops Malibu. The idea is simple: “Write a single wish on the paper in the capsule and carry it with you wherever you go until your wish comes true.”

About the Wish Capsules from Tops Malibu: “Mail in a letter, hide anywhere – in a shoe, drawer, lunch box or in a pocket. Inspired by vials worn by carrier pigeons to relay secret messages, these metal capsules have a paper scroll hidden inside. In a tiny way they infuse intrigue, mystery, allure & romance to any occasion or simply just because. Fill a Wish Capsule with a special notes from the heart, remind yourself of hopes, dreams and wishes, creating exciting scavenger hunts, & more. 

I like the vintage-inspire letterpress set of wish capsules.

I think we’re going to need a bigger capsule!

Find the Wish Capsules from Tops Malibu here.