es1So, as in years past, while everyone else is ending their summer, I am in full vacation mode as I just returned from my traditional late-season visit to the charming seaside village that is Wellfleet on Cape Cod.

One of the ways you know you are in Wellfleet is when you are greeted by two beach stores –across the street from each other. These stores look identical but are actually competitors – each trying to out-do the other by promoting how many fun inflatable beach floats they offer. Their buildings are covered with giant inflatable lobsters, starfish, and all manner of things. Every year when we pass through this gauntlet of summer excess, we say we should buy one of those things to serve as a mascot for the week. Well, we never do.

However, the fine folks at Sydney-based Sunny Life offer a nice collection of fun inflatables, like this very cool “Moby Dick” – which would look great floating off of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

About the inflatable Moby Dick from Sunny Life: “Sunny Life guarantees that your summer won’t suck – it’ll blow! Have a whale of a time with Moby Dick. Designed for lounging, with handles for stability.  Made from durable PVC and includes a puncture kit just in case – summer is blowing up!”

And because winter is ending Down Under, you know that Sunny Life will be keeping summer going for some time to come.

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