tile1I love fine Italian ceramics, specifically, I like the tiles. When I was in Italy a few years back, I purchased a few tiles as souvenirs and have them on display at my house. They are great to have around to remind me of that trip and I am always filled with warm thoughts when I look at them, especially one I purchased in Spello on one of the most perfect days of my life.

Anyway, I like finding tiles that I can add to my collection even if they are a little less sentimental, which is why I love the fine folks at Santa Barbara, California-based Italian Pottery Outlet.

About Italian Pottery Outlet: “We have a huge selection of traditional pottery from Umbria and Tuscany, as well as new and exciting patterns from regions all over Italy. Our ceramics are made in small workshops where artisans and their families produce individual works of art using techniques handed down from generation to generation. We carry the largest collection of quality, handmade and hand-decorated Italian ceramics in the West, providing our customers with beautiful and unique items for their homes and gardens. We offer excellent customer service and prompt shipping from our fully stocked warehouse.”

Italian Pottery Outlet has a ton of great tiles to choose from, many sizes and price points – many at really affordable prices.

Of course you need this St. Francis of Assisi tile (above right): “A lovely square tile of St. Francis with Birds. Hang as a reminder of compassion towards others and the environment.”

tile2And then there are the classic location tiles, like this one featuring the island of Sicily (right):

“Our handmade and hand painted ceramic tiles are all from Amalfi Coast. The replication of the map of Sicily is so eclectic in this tile. Hang it inside or outside to decorate your home with some Italian flair.”

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