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hal2Seriously, how can you not get a set of the Halloween Witch Legs from Plow & Hearth?

About the Halloween Witch Legs from Plow & Hearth:

“These whimsical witch leg props will give you a leg up this Halloween! Place our disembodied witch legs upside down in a planter or coming out from your home’s foundation. The possibilities are endless and you’ll things of a clever new spot to showcase them every Halloween.”

Find the Halloween Witch Legs from Plow & Hearth here.

See the entire Halloween collection from Plow & Hearth here.

So it is late October and my container garden is still producing tomatoes and peppers. This is my latest harvest (top photo). There are still a few blooms and growing fruit on the vines (bottom photo), so if the frost holds off I may have one more harvest yet.



I am back from a long weekend in Chicago and will be posting about my finds over the coming days.

greenAny fan of Lost Cowboy knows how much I love a good farmers market – make it an urban farmers market and I am all over it. Which is why when I find myself in Chicago on a Saturday morning – like this past weekend – you can find me poking through the stands at Green City Market in Lincoln Park.

About Chicago’s Green City Market: “Chicago’s largest and first year-round sustainable farmers market, Green City Market provides a marketplace for purchasing sustainably grown food and connecting farmers and local producers directly to chefs and the greater Chicago community. Green City Market compliments the market with robust educational programs through our Edible Gardens, Club Sprouts, and Chef Demos.”

Green City Market also holds a Saturday market in the West Loop neighborhood.

The Lincoln Park market runs one more Saturday outside – Saturday, October 29 – before moving to its indoor winter location at Lincoln’s Park’s Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Green City Market runs Saturdays May through October 7:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. – 1817 N. Clark, South end of Lincoln Park in the great city of Chicago, IL 60614.

hal1The only thing really scary about the DoohicKey SkullKey I found from the fine folks at The Brokedown Palace is that it may not open your lock – but all the other stuff it can do makes it a worthy addition to your key ring.

About the DoohicKey SkullKey:

“Hidden within the size and shape of a regular house key, the lightweight DoohicKey SkullKey from Nite Ize has the functionality of a basic multi-tool with none of the bulk. Bottle opener, screwdriver, scoring point – it does everything but actually open a door.”

The DoohicKey SkullKey is available from Brokedown Palace.





chiwI am off to Chicago for a nice long weekend. This is my third trip to the great American city that is Chicago in the last few months. It is a short flight from where I live on the prairie in Kansas (just across the Missouri River from the great American city of Kansas City, MO) – and I love being able to take advantage for all the wonderful cultural and other attractions the place has to offer. As usual, I hope to find all sorts of new places and things to report on here – so keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, I found the perfect accessory for a trip to Chicago – the Chicago Map Watch I found from the fine folks at May28th.

Find the Chicago Map Watch from May28th here.

ciffSupporting organization committed to improving the lives of children is a no-brainer, which is why supporting the fine folks at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is a good idea.

About the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation:

“CIFF is the world’s largest philanthropy that focuses specifically on improving children’s lives. We work with a range of partners seeking to transform the lives of poor and vulnerable children and adolescents in developing countries.  This involves supporting bold ideas to seemingly intractable challenges. We know that the returns on smart investments in areas such as children’s early development and adolescent girls are especially high. So we aim to play a catalytic role as a funder and influencer to deliver urgent and lasting change at scale.”

Learn more about the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation here.

FF: The Melaka Leather Folder from Bartleby Objects

ff1Here is the ultimate indulgent item – the Melaka Leather Folder I found from the fine folks at Bartleby Objects. Not your mother’s manila folder.

About the Melaka Leather Folder from Bartleby Objects:

“Unfinished leather will gain a patina and soften with use. Unlined interior creates a little traction, to keep papers from slipping out.  We value the inherent characteristics of this bare leather, and while we work carefully to exclude unpleasant scars and marks, some bumps, wrinkles, and fine lines may be visible, but in no way detract from the loveliness or sturdiness of the surface.”

Find the Melaka Leather Folder from Bartleby Objects here.

Find all the quality products from Bartleby Objects here.

FF: The Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf from Everlane

ff2I love a good infinity scarf, but most I have found were crazy colors or patterns and I like something plain and dark. I was just about ready to sign up for knitting classes so I could make my own dark scarf when I came across the Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf I found from the fine folks at Everlane.

About the Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf from Everlane:

“A scarf so soft we never wanted it to end, knit from the finest Italian-spun Merino wool. The fabric is a fine lightweight knit with a luxuriously soft hand-feel.”

Find the Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf from Everlane here.

See all of Everlane’s great products here.

leotaI am a big fan of Disney’s Haunted Mansion – it is my second favorite ride in The Magic Kingdom (only Pirates of the Caribbean beats it) and I went on it a half of dozen times on my trip to Disney World this past March. Anyway, one of the iconic features in the Mansion is Madam Leota, whose floating head reads fortunes as guests roll by. Madam Leota is commemorated on many items perfect for Halloween decorating, like this Jewelry Box available from Disney’s online halloween store.

About Disney’s Madam Leota Jewelry Box:

“Madame Leota’s graven image, as featured on her tombstone, is dead center of this Haunted Mansion Jewelry Box’s lid. Finely detailed, the casket-styled box plays Grim Grinning Ghosts and features Leota’s epitaph inscribed inside.”

Find Disney’s Madam Leota Jewelry Box here.

Visit The Disney Store’s online Halloween shop here.

1944I have said it before and I will say it again, I can’t get enough of books about World War II. In his latest book, 1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History, author Jay Winik distills the great conflict into a compelling narrative by focusing on one pivotal year and it is fantastic.

About 1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History by Jay Winik: “Jay Winik brings to life in ‘gripping’ detail (The New York Times Book Review) the year 1944, which determined the outcome of World War II and put more pressure than any other on an ailing yet determined President Roosevelt. 1944 was a year that could have stymied the Allies and cemented Hitler’s waning power. Instead, it saved those democracies—but with a fateful cost. Now, in a ‘complex history rendered with great color and sympathy’ (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), Jay Winik captures the epic images and extraordinary history “with cinematic force” (Time). 1944 witnessed a series of titanic events: FDR at the pinnacle of his wartime leadership as well as his reelection, the unprecedented D-Day invasion, the liberation of Paris, and the tumultuous conferences that finally shaped the coming peace. But millions of lives were at stake as President Roosevelt learned about Hitler’s Final Solution. Just as the Allies were landing in Normandy, the Nazis were accelerating the killing of millions of European Jews. Winik shows how escalating pressures fell on an infirm Roosevelt, who faced a momentous decision. Was winning the war the best way to rescue the Jews? Or would it get in the way of defeating Hitler? In a year when even the most audacious undertakings were within the world’s reach, one challenge—saving Europe’s Jews—seemed to remain beyond Roosevelt’s grasp.”

It is an interesting thing about history and books about history – we tend to look at it things in total, as in an entire administration (or career) of a president, or a whole era in time. When you drill down to smaller time frames you can really learn more about what was going at the time which sometimes gets lost in the bigger picture. With 1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History, Mr. Winik allows us to see with great detail all that was happening in this challenging and most historic year.

1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History by Jay Winik is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

whiskI have posted much about my enjoyment of – and affinity for – bourbon and whiskey over the years and I really enjoy the stuff. However, I realize many of my readers may not be whiskey drinkers or are intimidated by the fine spirit. Well, I am here to help with today’s find, the Whiskey and How to Enjoy It gift set I found from the fine folks at Owen & Fred.

About the Whiskey and How to Enjoy It gift set from Owen & Fred: “Introducing the Whiskey and How to Enjoy It gift set. Whiskey is appropriately called the water of life. This gift box is designed to provide an introduction to this fine spirit, and features two hefty eight ounce whiskey tumblers, two premium leather coasters, and a guide book written and edited by the gents of Owen & Fred. The booklet is a highly informative guide to understanding whiskey, how it’s crafted, and most importantly, how to enjoy it with friends. Several whiskies are recommended; the rest is up to you to explore!”

Find the Whiskey and How to Enjoy It gift set from Owen & Fred here.

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