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Well, it is October and usually by this time I have wrapped up my container garden for the season. Heck, most years back in New Hampshire there would have been a frost by now. But here on the Kansas side of the Missouri River across from the great city of Kansas City, MO, the season lasts longer. In fact, my tomatoes are still popping out as well as a few varieties of peppers. When I went out to harvest over the weekend, I fully expected this to be my last yield of the season – but it looks like I have at least one more week left.


gritsMany of you in various regions of this great country of ours may have grown up eating grits, but I did not. I remember having grits for the first time, which was when I was about 13 years old on a family road trip through Alabama. I remember not really liking them, but that could be a result of my unrefined New England palate at the time. I like to think I have matured in many ways since then and I have found that I do like grits, but only the best, like the Gourmet Stoned Happy Grits I found from the fine folks at Barkley’s Mill.

About the Gourmet Stoned Happy Grits from Barkley’s Mill: “Unlike modern mills, Barkley’s Mill preserves the 100% naturally robust flavor and nutrition of our gourmet corn grits the old fashioned way – through our slow-grinding, hydro-powered gristmills; hand-selecting each ear of heirloom corn for grinding; and dedicating our facilities (located in Buncombe county, North Carolina) to only storing and stone-grinding our heirloom gourmet white corn grits.”

Check out the Gourmet Stoned Happy Grits from Barkley’s Mill here.

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