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fetaGoats get all the attention in the world of non-cow cheeses. But I have to say, dairy sheep need to be noticed – and the best way to do so is to try some of the cheeses made from sheep’s milk I found from the fine folks at Dayspring Dairy.

About Dayspring Dairy: “Dayspring Dairy is a family owned and operated farm. We are the first licensed sheep dairy and producer of sheep milk cheeses in Alabama.   All of our cheeses are made from milk from our flock of eighty dairy sheep, which are shepherded by Greg Kelly. Many of our sheep have names and we affectionately call them “our girls” and they are at the heart of our farmstead cheese-making operation. Ana Kelly is the head cheesemaker and culinary mastermind.  Our children also enjoy contributing to the farm and will be an integral part of our business as they grow and mature.”

Dayspring Dairy offers many sheep cheese options, but try the Farmhouse Feta: “Our classic Greek-style Feta is lightly brined and allowed to age for several weeks for a pleasant piquant flavor.  The richness of the sheep milk produces a creamier and less crumbly feta that is perfect for salads, pizza, bruschetta or on its own on a cheese board.  Available in original, blueberry wine soaked, and marinated.”

See all the sheep cheeses and other products from Dayspring Dairy here.

Learn more about dairy sheep and Dayspring Dairy here.

FF: Hudson Valley Seed Library

ff3It is never too early to start thinking about next year’s container garden. For 2017 I plan to start my seed indoors even earlier than I did this year. Anyway, one of the best sources for seeds I have found are the fine folks at Hudson Valley Seed Library.

About Hudson Valley Seed Library: “Welcome to the Hudson Valley Seed Library: your source for heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds and beautiful garden-themed contemporary art. On our site, you’ll find photos and artwork that stoke your horticultural imagination–along with tips to make your garden dreams a reality. We offer heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for vegetable, flower, and herb varieties. Many of these seeds we produce on our own small farm; the rest we source from other local farmers, farmers in other regions, and from trustworthy wholesale seed houses that are not owned by or affiliated with multi-national biotech companies. We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, and we adhere to Vandana Shiva’s Declaration of Seed Freedom.”

Check out Hudson Valley Seed Library here.

FF: Seed and Garden

ff4Meanwhile, the fine folks at Seed and Garden have all the other items I need to get a head start on next year’s garden, like Jiffy Peat Pellets.

About Seed and Garden: “Seed and Garden LLC was founded in 2004 to provide home and professional gardeners with a friendly store for their seed starting supplies. Since that time, we have continued to experience exceptional growth thanks to great customers like you. We believe in providing the most excellent ecommerce shopping experience possible. Our website is secure, easy to use, and easy to navigate. We attempt to provide detailed descriptions, high quality images, and a place for customer reviews to help you make an informed buying decision. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality seed starting supplies and fresh seeds at reasonable prices.”

Check out Seed and Garden here.

Visit Seed and Garden’s online shop here.