thing1This is going to be one of those posts where you will say that I am going overboard again with my hyperbole. But I have to say, I love just about every product offered by the fine folks at Thing Industries.

About Thing Industries: “Thing Industries is a New York-based design studio specializing in optimistic and adventurous objects for home. Thing became a thing in 2013 when founder Bridie Picot built her own upstate cabin where she could happily ferret the weekends away. Soon after, she developed a curious ferret-like preoccupation with filling her new home with things she designed herself. She is happy that other people can benefit from such an affliction.”

How cool are Thing’s designs?

Exhibit A – the Birdhouse Bookshelf (above right):

“A simple but highly functional, wall mounted bedside table that cleverly keeps the place in your book on its roof. Apartment-dwellers will love it because it doesn’t take up any valuable square-footage. Features a little hole in the base for your charger.”

thing2Exhibit B – the Sacrificial Chair:

“Like a lamb to the gods we give you this chair to sacrifice to your clothes. Designed to replace ‘that chair’ in your bedroom that is constantly covered in crap, this is specifically designed for that purpose. Feel good about your lazy habits.”

Need I go on?

I didn’t think so.

See all the awesomeness of Thing Industries here.