FF: The Cards of Paper Confections

j1While browsing the beautifully curated selection of art cards at the great Jules Besch in Truro, MA last month, I fell in love with the colorful cards with great artwork from the fine folks at Paper Confections.

The artwork of Paper Confections includes images ranging from elephants, rabbits and butterflies, to weathervanes and my favorite, vintage trucks.

Lucky for us, the fine folks at Paper Confections have an online shop.

Learn more about Paper Confections and see all their cool designs here.

FF: The Sencha Organic Green Tea Crystals from Pique

j2The idea of crystals to make a cup of instant tea may send you into bad 70’s flashbacks, but I am here to tell you that the Sencha Organic Green Tea from the fine folks at Pique Tea Crystals is really good.

About the Sencha Organic Green Tea from at Pique Tea Crystals: “The quintessential Japanese green tea. Our sencha tea leaves are grown in a tea garden in a pristine mountain valley. Bright sunshine during the day combined with cool temperatures in the evening create the ideal environment for growing really great green tea. Unlike other teas, our tea trees are shaded for the last 10 days to stop the growth of leaves while roots continue to draw nutrients from the ground. That means that all those nutrients are packed into the leaves to create a tea richer in both flavor and antioxidants.”

Find the Sencha Organic Green Tea from at Pique Tea Crystals here.

See all the varieties of teas from Pique Tea Crystals here.