leotaI am a big fan of Disney’s Haunted Mansion – it is my second favorite ride in The Magic Kingdom (only Pirates of the Caribbean beats it) and I went on it a half of dozen times on my trip to Disney World this past March. Anyway, one of the iconic features in the Mansion is Madam Leota, whose floating head reads fortunes as guests roll by. Madam Leota is commemorated on many items perfect for Halloween decorating, like this Jewelry Box available from Disney’s online halloween store.

About Disney’s Madam Leota Jewelry Box:

“Madame Leota’s graven image, as featured on her tombstone, is dead center of this Haunted Mansion Jewelry Box’s lid. Finely detailed, the casket-styled box plays Grim Grinning Ghosts and features Leota’s epitaph inscribed inside.”

Find Disney’s Madam Leota Jewelry Box here.

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