FF: The Bongo speaker from Otis & Eleanor

ff5 There are many choices when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers these days, but I challenge you to find one as cool and elegant as the Bongo speaker from the fine folks at Otis & Eleanor.

About the Bongo speaker from Otis & Eleanor:

“We built Bongo from one of the world’s most sustainable materials — bamboo. The result is phenomenal sound quality and design that looks damn sharp. Bongo is a portable speaker controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth. Bongo is perfect for active lifestyles, the beach, the pool, the hotel room, wherever you go, Bongo provides the soundtrack.”

I like the Venice Beach version of the Bongo: “The Venice Beach features a dark grain bamboo shell, bright blue rings, natural hemp speaker covers, and silver hardware.”

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FF: ZenBunni Chocolates

ff6I don’t often eat chocolate, but when I do I want something special, like the Lost Salt of Atlantis bar I found from the fine folks at ZenBunni Chocolates.

About the Lost Salt of Atlantis bar from ZenBunni Chocolates:

“Our most popular bar, an ode to an ancient and advanced floating utopic civilization.”

Can’t choose just one of ZenBunni’s great varieties? Try the Rainbow Box Sampler:

“A delightful assortment of 9 different ZenBunni Chocolates in tune with the colors of the rainbow, and sure to take you on a magical journey. We also include a quartz crystal to super-charge the love in your chocolates.”

Learn more about ZenBunni Chocolates and where you can find them here.