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Wrapping up my posts and pics from my trip to San Antonio last weekend – I really like this shot of the Texas state Lone Star flag I took on the River Walk…


gg1My 2016 container garden is going to go down in the record books as my best ever. We are one week into November and it is still producing. Crazy. We have had a nice extended Indian Summer here on the Kansas prairie just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO, and it has led to tomatoes and peppers galore.

I had a nice harvest yesterday (left) and it looks like if the frost holds off I will have more next week. Surprisingly, there are new blooms on the tomato plant which means if they are able, the plants will keep producing. Also, I have a nice little eggplant who seems to want to keep growing which is particularly exciting. Meanwhile, I have a nice batch of rosemary to harvest as well, but sadly, after a nice season the basil is pretty much all gone.

I remember that Easter weekend was when I first started my seeds which have led to these plants, so I say that is quite a ling successful season, and I can’t wait to get started for next year.

Below is a gallery of pics from my garden this past weekend…












While walking around the streets of downtown San Antonio, Texas on my recent trip, my eyes were drawn to the sign and store front of Paris Hatters. I am always looking for interesting sites to photograph, and the colors and retro look of this place was just perfect. In fact, the pictures (below) in this post were taken by me on that trip.

Anyway, it turns out that Paris Hatter is a big deal – they have been selling hats for almost 100 years and they’re still going strong.

About Paris Hatters of San Antonio: “Family owned and operated since 1917, Paris Hatters is world famous for their expertise in providing quality custom-fitted and custom-shaped hats. The tremendous variety, along with their cleaning and blocking services, keeps Paris Hatters high on the list of any hat connoisseur. The décor at Paris Hatters hasn’t changed much through all the years. The cash register, used in the 1930’s, requires hand cranking to open and is used faithfully each day. The old wooden hat blocks are antiques, and the steaming equipment chugs huge clouds of steam over the backshop and the old buffalo and bison heads hanging on the walls. But, if you look closer, there is good reason why Paris Hatters was chosen by the Travel Channel to be featured in a segment about San Antonio.”

I did not pop into Paris Hatters when I had my chance, and now I wish I had. But now I have another excuse for return trip to San Antonio sooner rather than later.

satx-2016-19 satx-2016-20



Learn more about Paris Hatters of San Antonio here.