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accomiconOK, I am a nerd. There. I said it. I know it has been long suspected, but I feel I just needed to get it out there before I gush about today post. So, yeah, well, while I was in San Antonio last weekend, it just so happened that it was the same weekend as the Alamo City Comic Con, one of the biggest Comicons (comic book convention) in the Southwest – and I went – and I love it.

I just like the atmosphere of these events – seeing the people that are totally into it getting dressed up and waiting in line to meet and greet their heroes from the fringes of pop culture (Joey Fatone and Ralph Macchio were both there and I am not sure why). But seriously, a fun time.

It was fun to be in San Antonio the weekend of Halloween, The Alamo City Comic Con, and the Day of the Dead –there were so many people walking the streets in costume that I felt out of place in my relatively normal street clothes.

I snapped this picture at The Alamo that pretty much sums up the whole weekend. A Doctor Who fan, obviously on his way to the convention center, pushing a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension in Space) through the streets. See? My nerdy-ness is relative.


So yeah, check out a comic con if one comes near you. Here are a couple of online resources listing upcoming comicons and related events: Everest / UpComingCons.

You’ll next see me (maybe in costume if my Chewbacca suit ever comes back from the cleaners) at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, MO – April 28-30, 2017.

The fine folks at Crab & Creek make a line of “preppy” boat totes featuring “traditional images with a twist such as Crabs, Lobsters, Whales, Flamingos, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Patriotic and more.”

Just in time to show support for your party of choice in the big election, Crab & Creek has a tote featuring the symbol of the Democrat party – the donkey, and a tote that features the GOP’s iconic elephant symbol.


Find Crab & Creek’s Democrat Donkey Tote here.

Find Crab & Creek’s GOP Elephant Tote here.

See all the fine boat totes from Crab & Creek here.

larkI have posted many times about my love of old school letterpress printing. Most of those posts have been about art prints or note cards that use the classic printing technique. However, the fine folks at Larkspur Press of Monterey, Kentucky use their letterpress talents to publish books.

About Larkspur Press of Monterey, Kentucky: “What we try to do with our Craft and Art is to publish in a well-designed, well made way. Our focus is on the writing. Artwork is used to complement the Poem or Story. We try to publish an edition that is affordable. Most of the writers we’ve published are living. Many of our books have been the Author’s First Book, and the work of many of them is now well known. We’ve also had the privilege to work with many established writers. In addition to publishing, we are helping keep alive the traditional Art of letterpress printing, which is shown in the special editions we issue, along with the more affordable regular editions.”

What make Larkspur’s book so special is that that are literally each a work of art in this world of mass produced books and online media.

About the books of Larkspur Press: “Larkspur Press books are highly collectible for their scarcity, beauty, and that they are important works. They often feature Kentucky writers such as Wendell Berry, Guy Davenport, James Baker Hall and Bobbie Ann Mason. Larkspur Press Monterey Ky. creating fine books one letter at a time. Larkspur books and broadsides are a delight to hold in the hand. In letterpress printing the words are in the paper not on it. To run your fingers over them is a tactile delight.”

Learn more about Larkspur Press here.