mannersCount me among those who lament the total breakdown of manners in modern society. I think that things go way too fast these days for most people to keep up and adapt behavior even if they want to be mindful of good manners and etiquette. Anyway, the fine folks at Town & Country magazine do their best to help us with a regular series of essays tackling the challenges of manners in the modern world. Now, many of these essays have been collected in a book, Town & Country Manners & Misdemeanors: Notes on Post-Civilized Society edited by Ash Carter.

About Town & Country Manners & Misdemeanors by Ash Carter: “No one understands etiquette better than Town & Country! Following the success of the magazine’s Town & Country Social Graces comes an all-new collection of 27 essays on the challenges of navigating a fast-changing society when the old rules are unenforceable and new ones have yet to be proposed. The writers cover everything from food and money to vice, family, and society.”

If you pick up any tips from these essays, fine. However, it may serve only to raise awareness of the need to return to civility in this era of none, and that is at least a start.

Town & Country Manners & Misdemeanors by Ash Carter is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.