readThe fine folks at Juniper Books believe that “your books should tell a story.” As in, when you line up volumes on your shelf they should promote your love of books and passion for reading. Juniper makes a series of book collections that when put together on a shelf display a cohesive image, like the Historical Documents set that when put together on a shelf displays a Colonial era American flag (right).

About Juniper Books: “Recognizing books’ role in our lives and how they tell stories about us, the readers, was one of the many epiphanies resulting in the creation of Juniper Books. Since 2001, Thatcher (founder Thatcher Wine) has explored the value books bring us, how they take up space in our homes, and how best to feature what we love about books in new, creative ways. Today, Juniper Books crafts custom book collections for purchase and creates and designs custom libraries for a variety of clients.”

read2Juniper has some really cool collections – and can make a custom collection as well. I am thinking about how cool Juniper’s Adventure Set would look on my shelves. The set includes several books I read as a boy, like Robin Hood by Roger Green, White Fang by Jack London, and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

About the Adventure Set from Juniper Books: “This 5-volume set of classic children’s books features custom jackets that capture the boldness and enthusiasm present inside the pages. The design of a ship in the distance, its destination unknown, is emblematic of the journeys experienced by the iconic fictional characters in these famous works. The Heirloom Collection editions include gorgeous illustrations and the full unabridged texts as originally published.”

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