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FF: The 2017 Believe in Yourself Coloring Calendar from Peter Pauper Press

aaaa2Combine your passion for coloring with your need to keep on schedule with the fun 2017 Believe in Yourself Coloring Calendar I found from the fine folks at Peter Pauper Press.

About the 2017 Believe in Yourself Coloring Calendar from Peter Pauper Press:

“Add creativity and positivity to your year ahead with this exuberant coloring calendar! Weekly planner format includes vibrant art and uplifting words to color throughout — more than 100 designs large and small by illustrator Joy Ting! Popular format displays a week-at-a-view to help keep you organized 7 days at a time. Calendar/planner covers 16 months (September 2016 — December 2017), super helpful for those planning the academic year. Pages in the back provide space for recording contact information for family and friends and writing notes. Lightweight desk engagement calendar measures 5 inches by 7 inches and fits easily in backpacks, totes, and most purses. The perfect time management tool for home, school, office, or on-the-go planning! Scheduling success at last! Cover design features vibrant coloring book-style art with eye-catching gold foil detailing.”

Find the 2017 Believe in Yourself Coloring Calendar from Peter Pauper Press here.

FF: The Illustrated Cities Desk Calendar from Rifle Paper Co

aaaa3Meanwhile, the fine folks at the wonderful Rifle Paper Co. have a nice collection of calendars, but none better than their Maps – Illustrated Cities from Around the World 2017 Desk Calendar. This calendar is perfect for the traveler, dreamer, or just the geographically challenged.

About Rifle Paper Co.’s Maps – Illustrated Cities from Around the World 2017 Desk Calendar:

“Featuring 12 illustrated cities from around the world, our 2017 Maps Desk Calendar highlights destinations such as New York, Venice, and Athens, among others.”

Find the Maps – Illustrated Cities from Around the World 2017 Desk Calendar from Rifle Paper Co. here.

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aa3I received a ton of great gifts for Christmas – and as I curate them into my life I will post about a few of them here. First up is the really cool Log Cabin Incense Burner I received. It comes from the fine folks at Maine-based Paine Products and it included some wonderful balsam fir incense – which smells great.

The burning incense sits in a holder in the cabin – and when you put the roof back on – the smoke comes out the chimney. This is the perfect gift for the incense lover that I am – and just perfect for burning on Christmas in The Lodge in North Conway, NH. (See my picture below.)

About Paine Products: “Paine Products is a family owned, Maine business since 1931. We make all natural balsam, pinon pine and cedar incense. Our incense is made in Auburn, Maine. First, balsam branches are brought to us by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. It is next pressed into incense molds and finally dried… That’s it! No chemicals are added to our incense, and is 100% natural and sustainable! We also use the balsam in our pillows. We make souvenir pillows that are stuffed with the balsam fir. They are great as gifts, or an aromatic delight in a drawer, closet, or car. When people walk through the doors of our plant they are amazed at the smell of the balsam.”

Check out Paine Products and their cool line of incense and related products here.



aaaa1I have kept a journal of one kind or another on and off since I was like 12. The hard part of keeping a journal is being consistent and having something valuable to record. Which is why I like the idea of an “interactive journal” that prompts you to write meaningful entries. Well, just in time for the new year I have found such an interactive journal, This Time Next Year – 365 Days of Exploration by Cynthia Scher.

About This Time Next Year – 365 Days of Exploration by Cynthia Scher: “What do you want, out of life or for dinner? What are you great at? What’s on your bucket list? What motivates you to get up in the morning? Over the course of a year, this prompt-a-day journal will lead you to discover what makes you tick and how you can use that knowledge for greater happiness and success. From identifying your talents to learning what brings a smile to your face, from pinpointing your values to sorting your possessions, it will assist you in taking stock of yourself. Some of its cues are lighthearted, some are introspective. Some call on you to delve into your past. Some encourage you to imagine your future. Combined, they’ll help lead you toward a truer understanding of who you are and what brings you fulfillment. And you’ll have fun along the way. This time next year, know yourself better and use that knowledge to live your best life. Journal includes an elegant ribbon bookmark keeps your place. Author Cynthia Scher has extensive training in transpersonal psychology (body/mind/spirit). She has created and run a variety of personal development workshops and provided self-empowerment coaching through her private practice, Inner Wings Coaching.”

This book/journal will definitely keep you on track and maybe you will learn something about yourself when you look back on the year.

This Time Next Year – 365 Days of Exploration by Cynthia Scher is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.







The Gold Foil Tree Tapestry from Urban Outfitters:

“Cotton tapestry topped with a gold foil holiday tree. Complete with silver flecks allover for a fun + festive piece in any space – perfect to accent a wall or top off a couch or bed!”


Peace on Earth and goodwill towards man… Of course.

Merry Christmas!


aaa3If I see a product that clearly states on its label “just add bourbon” – I am in all day. Such is the case with the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar I found from the fine folks at Portland, ME-based Vena’s Fizz House – which provides everything you need to make a unique bourbon cocktail. Well everything but the bourbon of course.

About the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar from Vena’s Fizz House: “Infuse your spirits without chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups. With Vena’s Infusion Jars we create delicious recipes using freeze dried fruits, herbs, and bitter infused sugar cubes to flavor your alcohol. We put it in a jar; all you have to do is add the alcohol! Use your infused alcohol in Vena’s custom cocktail recipe located on the inside of the label.”

Find the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar from Vena’s Fizz House here.

Meanwhile, Vena’s also has a nice line of shrubs – and you know how I live me some shrubs…

And if you find yourself in Portland, Maine’s Old Port (and you really should try to find yourself there it is an awesome place) you can stop by Vena’s Fizz House – at 345 Fore Street.

Find the collection of shrubs from Vena’s Fizz House here.

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