FF: The LED Picture Lights from Cocoweb

aa1I have a lot of artwork hanging in my house and it has always been a challenge to illuminate them properly so they can be fully enjoyed. Now I have my work cut out for me as I found the great Picture Light Collection from Cocoweb.

About the LED Picture Lights from Cocoweb: “Our Classic LED picture lights will bring all your paintings and pictures to life.  The warm glow produced by the lights will illuminate the rich colors and textures in every picture and painting.  These Classic LED picture lights come in a multitude of styles and colors, so if you prefer the more traditional look of antique brass lights over the slick, modern look of chrome lights (or vice versa), you will be able to find the perfect LED picture light that complements both your picture and your taste.”

Find the LED Picture Lights Collection from Cocoweb here.

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FF: The Pocket Rocket Tote from Scout Bags

aa2There are a lot of reasons to like the fine folks at Scout Bags (not the least of which is their logo, right) but mostly for the wonderful collection of tote bags they make. Scout Bags’ Pocket Rocket Tote caught my eye.

About the Pocket Rocket Tote from Scout Bags:

“Pocket Rocket (paw-kit raw-kit) n. 1. Multi-pocket tote (6 on the outside, 2 on the inside). 2. Offers easy transport of everyday essentials for the teacher, mom, tennis player, or beach goer in your life. 3. Six pockets easily hold anything from canisters of tennis balls to bottled spirits. 4. Zipper top secures all prized possessions.”

Find the Pocket Rocket Tote from Scout Bags here.

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