aa4I have become somewhat famous for the turkey chili I have made for a few pot luck lunches at the office over the past couple of years. I never claimed that the recipe was mine, but I do take pride in that I really do make it – if not from scratch – with great beans and fresh ingredients. The truth is that the reason people love my chili is that I start with the Slow Cooker Chili Mix from Hurst’s Beans’ HamBeans Brand.

About the Slow Cooker Chili Mix from Hurst’s Beans:

“This delicious mix of pinto, black, red and kidney beans is paired with a classic chili seasoning and designed especially for your slow cooker or crock pot.”

I customize what the package recipe to make it my own. For example, instead of canned diced tomatoes, I dice up some fresh tomatoes (in season straight out of my container garden). And instead of ground beef, I use ground turkey. In any case, the result is yummy and everyone loves it.

Here’s the problem. After my local grocer carried the product for years, they recently stopped. But thanks to the internet and Hurst’s Beans’ online store my prayers have been answered. I placed a bulk order for Hurst’s Slow Cooker Chili Mix and it arrived yesterday. Guess what I will be having for dinner?

aa5I also ordered a few bags of Hurst’s Confetti Lentil Soupreme – which I can’t wait to try:

“A blend of lentil varieties give this delicious soup a distinctive look to go along with an excellent flavor. Seasoning packet is Hurst’s original Beef Flavor.”

Color me a huge fan of Hurst’s HamBeens!

About The N.K. Hurst Company, perveyors of the Hurst’s HamBeens brand: “The N.K. Hurst Company was established as a family business in 1938, beginning a long history in the food business with the trading and distribution of sugar. Since 1948, the Hurst name is recognized in the industry as being a first quality packager of edible dry beans. The Company is still proudly owned and operated by the second, third, and fourth generation Hurst families.”

Visit Hurst’s HamBeens’ online store here.

Learn more about Hurst’s HamBeens here.