aa4Have you ever seen a classic book cover and thought it would make a nice poster? Or are you inspired by a favorite book and wish you could honor it with a graphic t-shirt? Well, you are not alone and the fine folks my dear friend Lynda found at Litographs have made a business around graphic representations of literature that you can hang and wear.

About Litographs: “We founded Litographs because we had a vision of bringing our favorite literature off the page, onto your walls, and into your wardrobe. We believe in sharing the power of books with more people.”

Do you like Jane Austen? Show it by wearing Litograph’s Pride and Prejudice scarf: “Every super soft Litographs scarf is individually hand pressed to order. We use all-over dye sublimation so that the text covers every inch. Choose from twelve colors and four beautiful fonts to create your perfect scarf. Features around 40,000 words.”

Have fond memories of reading The Hardy Boys as a lad (like I do)? Try a t-shirt with an image inspired The Hardy Boys and The Tower Treasure.

But wait, show the world your devotion to Moby Dick (above right) with a Moby Dick temporary tattoo: “Litographs temporary tattoos are designed to be realistic, both in terms of their artwork and the way they look once applied. They last 1-3 days, and are easily applied using a wet cloth.”

Check out all the great literary options available fro Litographs here.