aa2As much as I would like to protest, I have to give into the fact that it is winter. Heck, we are well into January and this past weekend we here on the prairie (just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO) were stricken with a three day ice storm. Well, I found many ways to keep warm, including drinking plenty of tea.

Here is the perfect tea for those cold evenings when you want a little treat, the Chocolate Mint Tea I found from the fine folks at True Fabrications. (BTW – it is naturally calorie free!)

About Chocolate Mint Tea from True Fabrications:

“We get that drinking tea is not the same as eating ice cream, but try and tell that to your nose and taste buds. Pour yourself a mug of this chocolatey, refreshing concoction and you may just leave that ice concoction and you may just leave that ice cream in the freezer where it belongs.”

Find the Chocolate Mint Tea from True Fabrications here.

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