aa4Everyone needs a good muddler in their collection of kitchen and bar tools, and the Navy Striped Cherry Muddler I found from the fine folks at Owen & Fred is the one to get.

About the Navy Striped Cherry Muddler from Owen & Fred: “It will perform maximum violence on your mint mojito. Hand turned and hand painted, our muddler feels great in your hands. It’s made in the United States on a lathe with American cherry wood. This means that pieces of cherry are glued together and then placed on a lathe; which spins the wood at a high rate of speed. Turning ordinary wood into the Navy Striped Cherry Muddler requires a craftsman’s touch. It’s his tools that translate a slab of wood into this special wood shape that you’ll use for mojitos. This cherry wood has small pores which makes it ideal for cleaning. This muddler is not painted, waxed or finished, except for the distinctive navy stripe we hand painted for an added touch of style.”

This muddler is perfect for muddling all those mint leaves for my world famous mojitos!

Find the Navy Striped Cherry Muddler from Owen & Fred here.

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