aaa6Yes, it’s time for the Craft Bowl! I have mentioned many times over the years that where I come from Super Bowl Sunday is when we have an “alternative” celebration where we do a craft project while watching the big game. And of course, where I come from, we also get excited about a certain team who have been to the championship seven times in this new century and won four and may have five by the end of the day. But we don’t pick favorites here.

Anyway, for many years my small but mighty band of friends would meet on Super Bowl Sunday and do crafts. In recent years to keep the traditional alive, I have purchased a simple craft kit (and sent a few to those who also celebrate the Craft Bowl).

One of the best resources I have found for all manner of craft kits are the fine folks at S&S Worldwide, who offer a great line of craft kits.

This year I have chosen to discover paper quilling this year: “Discover the fun and simple craft of paper quilling with the ease of an adhesive surface and no glue! All materials to create a 5″ x 7″ framed paper quilled piece: self-adhesive frame/panel, assorted color paper strips, reusable slot quilling tools, wood quill tools, detailed activity guide and instructions.”

See all the great craft kit options from S&S Worldwide here.

See all the great ideas S&S offers to help us “learn and play” here.