aaa4I am totally obsessed with the Rocket Clock I found from the fine folks at Pendulux. I love how it is retro and futuristic all at the same time – just like yours truly.

About the Rocket Clock from Pendulux (right):

“An icon from the birth of the space age, our Rocket Clock houses a retro 1950s dial and hand amidst sleek lines of polished aluminum and brass. An homage to model rocket ships from the 1950s with its antenna and hatch windows, this retrofuturistic display stands 17” on three sturdy legs.”

Find the Rocket Clock from Pendulux here.

I also love Pendulux’s similarly themed Rocket Bookends (below right):

aaa4a“As if split by a wormhole, the two solid cast polished aluminum halves of the Rocket Bookends can hold an infinite mass of knowledge between them. Heavy iron bases and soft felt bottoms keep planetary sagas secure without scratching shelves, while the brass antenna and portholes allow unseen passengers to look out over your personal library.”

Find the Rocket Bookends from Pendulux here.

In fact, the fine folks at Pendulux have so many cool clocks, lamps and “objects” one can only hope to ever have one or two. But in the meantime it is fun to look.

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