Archive for February 14th, 2017

aa4I can’t tell you how many times in recent years that I have been browsing in some shop or online and I find a really cool product and look to see who made it and it turns out it is from the fine folks at DCI.

Seriously, these guys some really neat things, like the World Champion Bottle Stopper which makes your favorite bottle of wine or spirits look like an old school bowling trophy (right), and who doesn’t need an inflatable cat or an inflatable moose head?

About DCI: “DCI is a consumer product design & distribution company. Our approach marries innovation, function and fun design inspired by fashion, color, lifestyle trend & technology. We are experts at bringing new products to market sold in thousands of retail stores globally. DCI started in 1998 in New York City and relocated to Providence, Rhode Island in 2013. The DCI product design center was established to promote an open dialog between individuals and companies, a place to network and share ideas, a space to explore consumer products, and develop products. Keep it fun and colorful!”

I have to add that I am quite fond of DCI’s mitten flask: “When it’s cold outside and you need a nip of something to warm you up, use the Mitten Flask. Sewn into one of the mittens, it has a tethered cap (at the tip of the thumb) and funnel. A stroke of genius!”

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