aa1I am a big fan of The New Yorker magazine. I have been reading the legendary magazine since the 1990s and although it has had its ups and downs, I am continually impressed by the long-form features and firsthand reporting that you can’t just find anywhere. Of course The New Yorker has been publishing such work for years and has a vast vault full of historical treasures. The fine folks at The New Yorker have been mining this treasure trove of content with a series of books curating the best pieces from their archives by decade. The 1940s and 1950s have already receive this treatment and now comes The 60s: The Story of a Decade – which is a great anthology of the turbulent decade as told by some of the twentieth century’s greatest writers.

About The 60s: The Story of a Decade from The New Yorker: “The third installment of a fascinating decade-by-decade series, this anthology collects historic New Yorker pieces from the most tumultuous years of the twentieth century—including work by James Baldwin, Pauline Kael, Sylvia Plath, Roger Angell, Muriel Spark, and John Updike—alongside new assessments of the 1960s by some of today’s finest writers. Here are real-time accounts of these years of turmoil: Calvin Trillin reports on the integration of Southern universities, E. B. White and John Updike wrestle with the enormity of the Kennedy assassination, and Jonathan Schell travels with American troops into the jungles of Vietnam. The murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., the fallout of the 1968 Democratic Convention, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Six-Day War: All are brought to immediate and profound life in these pages.”

History is best told by those who were there, and how better to learn about the 1960s than by reading actual reporting as it happened.

The 60s: The Story of a Decade from The New Yorker is available from Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere.