FF: Audaz Watches

You can spend a ton of money on a watch – I am talking your entire 401(k) balance kind of money. I have always thought it was better to have a few relatively inexpensive watches so I could mix it up. Lucky for me, there are many fine watches that cost in the hundreds vs. hundreds of thousands. Great watches like those from the fine folks at Audaz Watches.

About Audaz Watches:

“With Audaz, experience a world of modern sophistication and timeless style. Our watches are designed for the urban man-rugged, resilient, and internationally adventurous. Created with unparalleled attention to detail, Audaz watches draw inspiration from the outdoors. Whether you’re exploring the deep or seeking new heights, define your style with vibrant designs that are built to last. Infusing pure audacity with class, each of our timepieces capture what it means to be free. At Audaz, our ideology is defined by the desire to explore the world and discover invigorating thrills. We embrace flying, diving, climbing, and racing—and it reflects in our unique watch designs.”

I like Audaz’s Gallant collection.

Learn more about Audaz Watches here.

FF: Dan Henry Watches

Meanwhile, the career watch collector Dan Henry has produced a fine selection of watches inspired by his vintage collection – and they are awesome.

About Dan Henry Watches:

“My collection was built from the countless quests that took place in flea markets and local auctions. I was not only hunting for myself, I also had the joy of helping many watch lovers and friends. After 30 years of studying and acquiring more than 1,500 watches, I wanted to share it with the world. I first opened an Instagram account and then put my watches on a dedicated website, Timeline.Watch. Since, my watches received a lot of interest from fellow vintage enthusiasts. At first, it seemed that I could not share more than pictures, as each of these watches was so scarce, and in some cases their rarity had translated into a very high value. Eventually, I came up with a crazy project: make some beautiful watches such as the ones I was lucky to own, but accessible.”

I like Dan Henry’s 1963 collection.

Learn more about Dan Henry Watches and see the entire collection here.