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In honor of the day, May 4th – (“May the fourth be with you”) – I dug back into the archive to re-post my all-time favorite Star Wars-related find…

OK, I’ve been told many times that I am prone to hyperbole in my posts. People like to point out that everything I find is “the best ever” or “the coolest thing I have ever seen.” I understand that observation and I think that may be true. However, today’s find is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen and absolutely the best application ever of popular culture to something practical. Of what do I speak? The totally awesome Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge I found from the fine folks at Think Geek.

About the Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge from Think Geek: “When Princess Leia disguised herself as Boushh in order to crack open a frosty one, she wasn’t looking for a drink. Her tall, cold one that day happened to be none other than Han Solo himself. However, in your universe it’s probably more practical to opt for a standard refrigerator than a carbon freezing chamber (tibanna gas supplies being what they are today). The Han Solo Fridge really is big: it can hold up to 18 cans of soda. It’s also one of those neato fridges that cools or heats its contents (depending on which temperature you need). And though the Han Solo Fridge be mighty, it’s still made to travel. It’s even got a handle on top for grabbing, which, let us tell you, is more convenient than carrying a huge block of flippin’ carbonite. Whether it’s blue milk or leftover bantha burgers, the Han Solo Fridge is ready for all your late-night bounty hunting. And by ‘bounty’ we mean ‘snack.’”

If the Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge is a little too big – also from Think Geek and almost as cool (pun intended) is the Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray.

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I have many favorite bourbons, and each year as the Kentucky Derby approaches (it comes up this Saturday folks), I try to narrow my selection down to one good one with which to celebrate. It just so happens that one of my favorite bourbons, Woodford Reserve, is the official bourbon of the Derby, so my job just got way easier.

About Woodford Reserve and the Derby: “There are more racehorses in Woodford County than residents, and more barrels of bourbon in the entire state of Kentucky than people. Deep below our soil, Kentucky’s water filters through limestone. The same water that makes our bourbon fills the troughs and buckets of some of the finest thoroughbred farms in the world. Call it serendipity if you want, but Kentucky owes its legacy to the bourbon in its barrels and the thoroughbreds in its stalls. As the proud maker of Kentucky’s finest straight bourbon whiskey, we take it on ourselves to extend this unique heritage beyond our borders. We are proud to be The Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby®, but the way we see it, all of horse racing needs an Official Bourbon. And in the Commonwealth, there’s no better way to honor a horse than by raising a glass of Woodford Reserve.”

Learn more about Woodford Reserve, the Kentucky Derby, and more here.