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Call it “when in Rome…” or “Stockholm Syndrome” if you will, but I have been caught up in the Garth Brooks mania that has hit the great city of Kansas City, MO in recent weeks. When Garth announced that he was coming to KC a few weeks back, it set off pandemonium in my office. Everyone was wanting tickets. I have never seen Garth (having missed out on the opportunity 20 years ago when I was excluded from an elite group, but that is another story for another time), but always heard he put on a good show, and heck, I like a few of his songs – so I got into the fever too.

Long story short – that concert sold out in minutes – and then an added show, and another. In all, Garth sold out seven shows at KC’s 20,000-plus seat Sprint Center.

So there I was last weekend, at a 3pm matinee concert and it was one of the most thrilling concert experiences I’ve had in a long time (Mr. Tom Jones last fall in Boston not-withstanding of course).

First, the crowd was electric. Everyone in that building wanted to be there. They knew every word to every song and it was just one big party. Second, say what you will, but there is a reason Mr. Brooks ranks with the likes of The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Elvis in all-time record sales, he is talented and puts on a high energy show as if it was the first show he ever performed – something he says he owes to the fans.

As a casual fan who knows only a couple of his songs (Friends in Low Places and The Thunder Rolls) I enjoyed being part of the party and would recommend that you take in a show if you ever have the chance.

Garth finishes his seven show stand in Kansas City this weekend.

Check Garth’s upcoming tour schedule here – just a few more dates left on the current tour.

Visit Garth’s official site here

OK, so I have finally started work on my 2017 container garden (updates soon) so you can call off the campaign asking about it. However, had I not started yet, I could get a jump start with the Garden-in-a-Can four pack from the fine folks at Back to the Roots.

About the Garden-in-a-Can from Back to the Roots:

“Ready to grow cans make it fun and easy to harvest organic herbs right from your windowsill—just plant, water & grow!”

There is a lot to like about the folks at Back to the Roots, their mission is: “let’s undo food” – which basically means let’s go back to the source – and that is something I can certainly get behind.

Learn more about the mission of Back to the Roots and what they have to office here.