OK, so I mentioned a few times that I was way behind in getting my container garden going this year. It seems I can’t go anywhere without having someone ask me how I am doing with my garden this year.

Well, I have been busy and preoccupied with many other things…

…but I am pleased to report that I have made up for lost time and I am in pretty good shape.

Last weekend I filled more than 50 2.5 gallon buckets (right) (thanks Dollar Tree) with some great soil from Miracle-Gro specifically designed for vegetables and herbs.

A few weeks back I started several seeds inside and they were way ready for transplanting outside (right) – so I am off to a great start.

I am going to supplement my grown from seed crop with a few more mature plants from a local nursery – which will give my garden the kick-start it really needs this year.

In addition to my usual vegetable garden – I also planted a bunch of flowers to make sure I have some color around the yard all season.

In my next update I will be sure to provide an inventory of what I have growing this year.

OK, now you can stop asking about when I am going to get started!