I have several flasks (in which to store my burgeoning bourbon collection while on the go) but most of them are more decorative than practical. But one of my favorites, and by far most practical, is a stainless steel flask from the fine folks at Stanley.

But the fine folks at Shwood have teamed up with Stanley to class up the classic flask with their Shwood x Stanley Flask.

About the Shwood x Stanley Flask:

“Carried for over 100 years by everyone from forest firefighters to weekend campers, Stanley products show up wherever top performance and a hot cup of coffee or splash of bourbon is required. It’s a quintessential part of American outdoor culture. Our collaborative Shwood x Stanley flask pays tribute to these adventures. Each flask is wrapped in a custom “Experiment With Nature” leather sleeve with a burly d-ring to haul your liquid gold wherever you go.”

This is the perfect thing to hide in your cargo shorts before heading out to the big fireworks display – you’re going to need it. And you know who you are you cargo short wearers. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Find the Shwood X Stanley Flask here

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