Today’s find is vintage Lost Cowboy – something old, lost, and found again to give it new life – the vintage postage from the fine folks at Underwood Letterpress.

About the Vintage Postage from Underwood Letterpress:

“Dress up your snail mail with vintage postage! Yes, you can actually put that eye candy on your envelope and pop it in to the mailbox. Unused postage never loses value and is accepted by the US Postal Service – even if it dates back to the 30’s like some of these beauties! The stamp set is inspired by the picture shown, however, each stamp set is unique and one of a kind.”

Now there may be some philatelists out there cringing at the thought of some hipster licking an old 5 cent stamp that is now worth millions – but I assume that is not the case and these stamps are pretty much just worth face value – which make them perfect to use to jazz up your most boring letters.

See the Vintage Postage from Underwood Letterpress here.

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