I can’t even express how much joy the work of artist Jimmy Ellis brought to my heart when I spotted his Drinking Dogs collection a couple of weeks ago at the great Gold Coast Art Fair in Chicago. You can’t help but smile at the bright colors and cheeky smiles of these dogs as they hoist a glass of cheer.

Jimmy Ellis has a great selection of images available for sale in a variety of formats – and, if you like his style and sensibility – he will create a custom portrait of your favorite pooch.

About Jimmy Ellis Art:

“JimmyEllisArt is me, Jimmy Ellis, with my drawing pad doing these funny images. Many of you have seen me across the country at art festivals selling my creations. Using the website, you can order custom art made for you or popular already made gallery pieces showing your favorite furry friends at their funniest. I create the images using my drawing pad connected into my computer using various paint programs. All the images are hand drawn by me and I sign every piece.”

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