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After a slow start and dealing with a pesky possum, my container garden is settling in nicely in the long warm days of midsummer. I am particularly thrilled with the production of my Japanese eggplants (below) – which I feared were all lost do to the aforementioned marsupial’s chomping. Meanwhile, I also have lots of baby tomatoes coming in, as well as cucumbers and a nice variety of peppers.

…at long last it is August, and the dog days of summer are upon us, which once again provides me with an excuse to post pictures of these special guys:


Life is way too short to settle for boring old marshmallows when you want to perk up your s’mores or add something special to your hot cocoa. That is where the fine folks as Smash Mallows come in with their fantastic line of specialty flavored marshmallows – ranging from Root Beer Float to Lemon Poppy Seed. But for the real pick-me-up try the expresso-infused Mocha Chip Smash Mallow.

About Mocha Chip Smash Mallows:

“Mmmmm. Can you smell that? Dark, rich espresso beans, roasted to perfection, then infused into each creamy puff. It’s a flavor smash up. A shot of sweet chocolate and a jolt of yum that’s sure to perk you up.”

Learn more and see all the Mash Mallow flavors here.