There is a song from the classic Broadway musical South Pacific that starts “I’m as corny as Kansas in August…” which is a thing, Kansas is pretty corny right now – but the real fun is the Kansas is now very sunflowery as well.

One of the great joys of living in Kansas – which is the Sunflower State by the way – is the annual crop of glorious sunflowers growing as far as the eye can see over the gently rolling countryside. There are tons of sunflower farms across the great rural plains of Kansas, but lucky for me, there is a great one much closer to the Kansas City metro area – the fine folks at Grinter’s Sunflower Farm in Lawrence, KS.

About Grinter’s Sunflower Farm in Lawrence, KS: “Ted and Kris Grinter’s Sunflower Farm in Leavenworth County has become a phenomenon. Although Kansas has a great many sunflower fields, those fields are primarily in central and western Kansas. These fields are in the far eastern part of the state (near the population centers) and the Grinters let the public come into the fields, take photos and take home flowers for a dollar a bloom. A great many people want to have their photos taken with the sunflowers. Professional photographers even schedule sessions here.”

Standing amongst the rows and rows of these towering flowers is really a thrill.

Learn more about Grinter’s Sunflower Farm in Lawrence, KS here.

Grinter’s Sunflower Farm is located at 24154 Stillwell Road in Lawrence, KS.