Wait. What? There is a super cool website called Chairish where people can go to sell and buy high-end vintage furniture and art and nobody told me about it until now? Worse – I had to find it on my own? It’s all good, because now I am obsessed with Chairish and am trying to find all sorts of excuses to buy some stuff for my already over-decorated shack on the edge of the prairie.

About Chairish:

“Viva La Vintage! Chairish is the leading online marketplace for design lovers to buy and sell chic vintage decor, furniture and art. We are America’s largest and fastest growing marketplace dedicated to home decorating and design.”

When I first landed on Chairish I spent hours looking over the collection of more than 11,000 paintings available for sale on the site. There are some great finds there – and at all price points, many quite reasonable – like this “Old West Style Painting” (above right) which I love.

That’s just scratching the surface of Chairish – they have more than 400 magazine racks for sale!

Yep. See? I told you!

Fall in love with Chairish and lose a few hours browsing here.