FF: The Dog Pillows from Tweed

I like dogs and I like accent pillows, which makes the Dog Pillows from the fine folks at Tweed the perfect thing for me to throw on my couch.

About the Dog Pillows from Tweed:

“These canvas pillows are perfect for every dog lovers home! Each feature a different sentiment: ‘Home is where my dog is,’ ‘Dogs welcome, people tolerated’ or ‘Be The person Your Dog Thinks You Are.’ sentiment. Zipper closure with removable insert.”

Find the Dog Pillows from Tweed here.

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FF: The Peruvian Wool Cat Pillow from Oeuf

Not to be outdone, the fine folks over at Oeuf offer a really cool Wool Cat Pillow which would make a perfect companion for your real cat – or your dog pillow.

About the Peruvian Wool Cat Pillow from Oeuf:

“For cat lovers only (isn’t that everyone?) 100% hand-loomed wool pillow, 16″x16″, with faux down insert. Our wool pillows are each hand-loomed by a single artisan, using techniques passed down through the generations in a family-run workshop in Peru. Each piece is therefore a unique work of art. The process starts with the flocks of sheep found in the highlands of Puno City. Their wool is used for the 100% wool yarn, which is hand-dyed in small quantities using non-toxic dyes. The highly-skilled weavers then work on a traditional loom to hand-make each piece with care.”

Find the Peruvian Wool Cat Pillow from Oeuf here.

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