I just spent the weekend looking after the two cutest pooches on the planet. However, as cute as they are, it occurred to me that they weren’t very useful. Whatever happened to the St. Bernard with the flask around his neck? Anyway, I think that we should start having our pets earn their keep – and they can start by carrying their own toys and snacks with something like the Charlie’s Bag Backpack I found from the fine folks at Dog & Co.

About the Charlie’s Bag Backpack from Dog & Co.

“Charlie’s Backyard builds fun, functional products for pups, with the belief that life is better with a dog! Charlie’s Bag is a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward pooch.  This lightweight, easy-to-wear backpack features functional zips so that your pup can tote all of their most valuable possessions along with them on all of their adventures.  Designed to be worn as a harness, a lead can even be clipped to the top of the pack (though not recommended for heavy pullers).”

I think a bottle or two of bourbon would fit quite nicely in one of these.

Find the Charlie’s Bag Backpack from Dog & Co. here.

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