FF: The Mural Collection from Finest Wallpaper

I recently posted about the wallpaper from the fine folks at Finest Wallpaper – which I love. They also have a great line of wall murals that can provide a dramatic backdrop to enliven even the dullest room. Images range from stunning landscapes and giant fish, to cityscapes and graffiti walls.

I love the mural that shows London’s Tower Bridge at night:

“’Tower Bridge’ by Rebel Walls is a dramatic image of London’s famous Tower Bridge at night.  Your mural is supplied in easy to install 18 in wide wallpaper strips – choose a mural size slightly larger than your wall to give the best finish.”

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FF: The Cat Nap Pillowcases from Xenotees

I recently posted about some cat pillows and then I came across the Cat Nap Pillowcases from the fine folks at Xenotees and just had to share.

About the Cat Nap Pillowcases from Xenotees:

“It’s always a good idea to take a catnap! This is my original charcoal drawing of a modern kitty cat, hand-screened onto incredibly soft pillowcases. These make a great gift for any cat lover in your life and look adorable in kids rooms, and grown-ups rooms alike! Along with being silky and soft, these pillowcases are durable and machine washable.”

Find the Cat Nap Pillowcases from Xenotees here.

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