In addition to one of the coolest logos in all of the grocery store (below right), the fine folks at Vermont’s own King Arthur Flour offer some great recipes to help you get the most from their great products. Like this recipe for Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scones just in time for apple picking season.

About the recipe for Fresh Apple Cinnamon from King Arthur Flour:

“‘What are you making? It smells like a fall day…’ That was the reaction the first time we baked these moist, flavorful scones. Fresh diced apple and cinnamon chips complement each other beautifully, flavor-wise; and a topping of crunchy, cinnamon-enhanced coarse sugar is the perfect foil to the scones’ tender texture.”

Find the recipe for Fresh Apple Cinnamon from King Arthur Flour here.

About King Arthur Flour:

“King Arthur Flour has a long and storied history, stretching back nearly to the American Revolution. We’ve been providing bakers with superior flour since 1790: from Martha Washington’s apple pie through the invention of the chocolate chip cookie, from flour in wooden barrels to bags at the supermarket, we’ve been there. Simply put, King Arthur Flour and American baking have been close companions since the very beginning.”

Learn more about King Arthur Flour and see all their resources and recipes here.

If you are ever in Norwich, VT or anywhere in the Connecticut River’s Upper Valley in New England, stop in at King Arthur Flour’s campus, including a baking school, retail shop, and café.