Nearly eight years in to Lost Cowboy and I am still finding cool things to share – like the Indoor Bike Cover from the fine folks at Velosock. I have often gone on and on about the perfect combination of design and function that is the bicycle and how it has featured in my own artwork and design aesthetic. Now with the Velosock, I can bring my bike into my home and it make it part of the décor while keeping things clean.

About the Velosock Bike Cover:

“There’s one place for bikes, and it’s indoors. That’s how you keep your ride safe, dry and make it last longer. Meanwhile, the Velosock indoor bike cover helps you keep your walls safe from black tire marks, and floors from dirt and sands that you bring inside with your bike. The best part? The Velosock cover is deliberately made of a breathable material that dries fast. That way, it also lets your bike stay dry and thus prevents rusting. On top of all these practical things, this indoor bike cover just looks beautiful.”

Velosock offers many cool designs to ensure you pick the bike cover that works for you. I of course like the Union Jack design (above right)

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