Every now and then I come across a find that is so perfect for me I just want to stop and buy everything they have to make my life perfect. Such is the case with today’s Find, the fine folks at Buffalo Jackson Trading Co., who specialize in outfitting men like the good old days. Think about providing Teddy Roosevelt with provisions for his trip into the heart of the Amazon – yeah, Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is influenced by that sort of place.

Buffalo Jackson has great items for men, like their Wichita Boots (above right):

“Wichita Lineman is easily one of the greatest songs of all time. Hearing Glen Campbell sing Jimmy Webb’s lyrics immediately conjures up the image of a barrel chested lineman with a utility belt around his waist, and a pair of boots on his feet ready to scramble up a county pole and make the needed repairs. Everything about this picture sings ‘dependable.’ Our Wichita Boots are built on that picture – 100% leather construction, hand sewn uppers, leather laces, Goodyear welt, and a rubber lug sole designed to handle any and all overloads. In other words, completely dependable. Like a lineman for the county.”

Or how about Buffalo Jackson’s Roosevelt Satchel Messenger Bag (right):

“Our Roosevelt Satchel Messenger Bag is expertly crafted from the same bomb-proof water buffalo hide as our Vintage Messenger Bag. But here’s a big difference. It’s smaller. It’s crafted for those moments when a man knows the situation calls for more velvet-glove than big-stick. This gentleman’s satchel comes in two color options – whiskey and dark walnut. So choose your color and step confidently onto your world’s stage.”

I may not be headed down the Amazon any time soon, but Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is the perfect place to outfit me for autumn on the prairie.

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