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I may have jumped the gun when I reported in my last update that I thought my 2017 container garden may not be producing as late in the season as my 2016 garden. This week I had a nice yield – surprisingly several new tomatoes and a few varieties of peppers are still popping out. Even more surprising, there are several new blooms on both tomato and pepper plants that mean if the frost holds off and the sun stays out we may have more to come.


I have never been one of those people that carried around a cloth handkerchief, as I think it is kind of gross to wipe your nose with it and put it back in your pocket. But I have always liked seeing gentlemen in old movies pull out a handkerchief to comfort a crying woman. And of course I like a good pocket square on a well-tailored suit. Anyway, I am reconsidering my stance on handkerchiefs now that I have found the Black Chambray Handkerchief from the fine folks at The Every Day Napkin Co.

About the Black Chambray Handkerchief from The Every Day Napkin Co.:

“Hand-stitched with passion and purpose, our Everyday Handkerchiefs are made just for you. Customize our Everyday Handkerchief with a hand-stitched initial. Use every day, on your special day and always keep close to your heart. Each Everyday Handkerchief comes in an Everyday Co. muslin bag. Fold into a pocket square, keep in your purse or back pocket. Use every day.”

Find the Black Chambray Handkerchief from The Every Day Napkin Co. here.

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