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I was stunned by the pure quantity of pumpkins for sale outside of my local Hen House (my favorite grocery store chain in the Kansas City market) – there were so many lined up across the whole front of the store. I want to buy a few but was sure if I picked one up there would have been a pumpkin avalanche.

Ever since I purchased a sewing machine several months ago (no, I still have not used it) my eyes have been catching all sorts of great fabrics that could find their way into the various projects I have in mind. Great fabrics like those I found from the fine folks at Maresca Textiles.

About Maresca Textiles:

“Maresca Textiles are luxurious, hand printed fabrics designed by Kathryn Maresca, available to the interior design trade through the studio and showrooms nationwide. In addition to fabric by the yard, the studio offers a selection of pillows that are hand printed and/or embroidered and available exclusively through the Maresca webstore and select showrooms.”

Although Maresca Textiles deals mostly with the design trade, lucky for us they also offer a sampling of their great fabrics on their website – like the Charcoal version of their gorgeous Pisa design (above right): “Pisa is a modern interpretation of the ceiling of the cathedral in Pisa, Italy. The decorative ceiling is ornate yet geometric in its layout and planning, and has become rustic with age. The print mimics a block printed design, but is screen printed for consistency.”

See all of the great fabric designs from Maresca Textiles here.

Check out all the great textiles (and pillows) from Maresca Textiles here.